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Barrier-free buses start running in Pingdingshan

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Barrier-free buses start running in Pingdingshan

On March 16, five special No. 68 buses equipped with ramp steps at the rear doors went into pilot operation in Pingdingshan, bringing more convenience to physically challenged residents.

Disabled passengers can get onto the bus by using the ramp and sit on two special chairs with safety belts in the middle of the bus, where the wheelchairs are locked tight. Once extended to pavement, the slope of the steps will be reduced from 30 degrees to 20 degrees or even 15 degrees

The wheelchair-friendly bus is 2 meters longer and 30 centimeters wider than ordinary buses. Its floor is also lower than the normal one for the convenience of the elderly and children.

“I just had a try and got seated all by myself. It’s great since I don’t have to ask others to help me onto the bus anymore,” said 60-year-old Han Fudong, who has to use a wheelchair because of his rheumatism.